How to blend a hydrating watermelon-coconut slush

How to blend a hydrating watermelon-coconut slush

Chop your seedless watermelon in preparation to freeze overnight or until frozen.

Cover watermelon chunks in the freezer overnight or until frozen. Put your Zico coconut water in the fridge to chill. I love Zico Coconut Water when I'm not drinking the pulp filled kind!

I get Zico at Fresh and Easy Markets but I know you can find this brand almost anywhere! Pop your frozen chunks out to thaw for a few minutes. Then grab your blender and get started!

Place your watermelon chunks and coconut water in the blender.

Begin blending on a low speed then once you see it beginning to incorporate, pick it up a notch!

Looking good! On HIGH speed now! Lets get slushed!

This serves two small drinks. Mmm, no filters or editing devices needed! All natural Watermelon-Coconut Slush that is plentiful and perfect during the summertime! (Click photo to enlarge)

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