How to make home made mexican tortillas

How to make home made mexican tortillas

You'll need a Mexican tortilla press like this one some times you can find the wooden press they are good also to use its you choice

You'll need to cut two medium size plastic circles like this so the masa does not stick to the tortilla press

You'll need a flat griddle like this one ( or better know as a grill) place the stove on high it Must be very hot before starting to cook

This is the maseca I use I like it best

Add 2 to 4 cups of maseca to a bowl

Add hot water about 2 cups you may need a little more water if your using 4 cups of maseca a mix well

Once mixed it should be some what firm yet smooth like this

Then you can make medium size ball like theses

You'll place one of the plastics on the bottom and you'll place the small masa dough on it like this

Then you'll place the other plastic on top of the masa dough like this

Then close the top of the press like this

You'll bring the handle up and over the top lie this adding a little pressure

Then open it and take the top plastic off and you should have a tortilla like this

Ounce you place the tortilla dough on the hot griddle the tortilla will start to rise like this

You'll need to flip them over when they are starting to bubble like this

When they look like this your tortillas are done

Just place them in a blanket and enjoy mmm mmm good

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