How to make an origami ball

How to make an origami ball

To create the ball you will need to fold twelve pieces

Fold square in half

Open it back up

Fold in both sides to the center crease

Open it back up and fold the corners in to the first crease

Fold the edges in on both sides in to the first crease

Fold up to till at the edge of the folded ends

This is where it starts to get tricky! Fold back the edge

Flatten the fold back

Turn it around and repeat, except you tuck the corner under the fold

Tucking in the corners!

Flatten the shape and turn it over

Fold back the corners to make a square

Flatten. Now you will need to make 11 more.

This is the completed piece. Try to use different coloured and/or patterned papers

Ok, now you have all your pieces you can start assembling the ball. Tuck the point of one piece in under the fold of another

Add a third piece and tuck it in, this makes a pyramid in the centre of the three pieces. You can use the glue stick to hold the pieces firmly together

Keep adding pieces

The last piece!

The finished ball! You can thread cord through it, securing it with a bead and hang it as a decoration or fill it with a small gift or note

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