How to cook delicious sun dried tomatoes

How to cook delicious sun dried tomatoes

Ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, thyme, olive oil and salt

Wash the tomatoes and cut X on the back of each tomato

Here you can see it better

Clean off the green

Boil the water and put tomatoes inside for 20 seconds only

As you can see the tomato starts to peel by itself

Peel the tomato

This is how the tomatoes look after peeling

Cut each tomato into quarters

Make fillet from each quarter by cleaning off the inside and seeds

Clean off inside and the seeds

Here is how should tomato fillet look like

Put the oven on 100 Celsius degree. On a baking pan put baking paper and then put tomato fillet inside out

Add garlic and salt on top

Add thyme on top

Spread olive oil on top and send it to the oven

Oven is on 100 Celsius degree and they should bake for 3 hours

Here is how it supposed to look after 3 hours in the oven

Unless you make them I can't explain how delicious they come out :)


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