How to slice a pineapple

How to slice a pineapple

Start with one ripe pineapple. Hint: you will know a pineapple is ripe when you can smell the pineapple through the bottom and you can move the stem when you try to twist it.

Grab the stem with one hand and hold the pineapple steady with your other hand. Twist the stem until it comes off.

Like so:)

Next cut the bottom off and then the top so you have a flat base to work with.

Stand the pineapple right side up and slice in half.

Then slice one of the halves again.

Like this :)

Stand one of the quarters upright and slice down the middle to remove the core

Then cut the quarter piece in half.

Remove the skin with a sharp knife.

Like this :)

Chop into bite size pieces and move to the other half of the pineapple, repeating steps 6-12.

ENJOY! Or put on a skewer and grill! So yummy!!!

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