How to make almond pudding

How to make almond pudding

Muhallabieh is the name of rice pudding but prepared with cow milk. But I am using almond milk instead. Otherwise it is exactly the same recipe. The almond muhallabieh is lactose free and vegan

1/2 litre almond milk

Mix rice powder and icing sugar

Take one or 2 ladles of cold milk

And add to the rice-sugar mixture. Dilute

Until homogenous

Boil the rest of the almond milk

Put the whole mix back in the cooking pot and on medium heat. Stir constantly untill the desired thickness. 1 or 2 mins. Add the miskeh. (Mastic)

Done and cooled down

And I used other cups. To show different presentation. You can always pour them in one bid serving dish and , Sometimes I serve them in disposable cups..especially for big parties.

At this point you can decorate them with crushed almonds and crushed pistachios or???

today i add an apricot jelly. Take 20? Dried apricots cover with water and boil Until very soft. And with the help of hand liquidizer reduce them to a purée.

I use agar agar. 1 envelope = 2 g

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