How to cook mom's fried vermicelli (mee siam)

How to cook mom's fried vermicelli (mee siam)

Soak 1 packet of dry vermicelli in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Cut vermicelli into very short strands while it is being soaked.

Fry chilli paste blend in hot oil for about 10 mins. Chilli paste made from a blend of garlic, shallots and red chilli.

Add tomatoes

Add Beehoon Goreng powder mix (optional)

Add raw prawns for stir fry for about 5 mins

Add fish cake slices

Remove the 3/4 cooked prawns from the wok

Add in eggs

No need to stir eggs immediately, let the eggs cook slightly first

Add in boiled potato cubes

Add in pre-partially stir fried tofu cubes

Add in garlic chilli sauce

Throw in the drained beehoon

Add in tomato sauce

Add Chinese dark sauce (non sweet)

Stir and mix well

Add lemon / lime juice

Add packet chilli sauce for extra flavoring

Add bell peppers

Add kangkong vegetables

When the beehoon is almost ready, pour some oil to the edges to prevent beehoon from drying. It also gives it a glossy shine.

Fry omelette to garnish the beehoon. Slice into shreds.

The final product!

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