How to create slumber party cupcakes

How to create slumber party cupcakes

First make and bake your cupcakes. Then once they have cooled down completely, ice the cupcakes with the butter frosting.

*Make sure you have some icing left over for later.

Get you marshmallows and cut them all in half, lengthways.

Place the halved marshmallows on each cupcake, like shown.

Now comes the part where you need your left over icing. Just add a few drops of orange food dye and mix.

The orange icing :)

Get out your small biscuits and a piping bag with a small tip.

Pipe some "hair" onto the round biscuit.

Draw a sleeping face on the biscuit, and place it on the top marshmallow. Put two jelly beans bellow the other marshmallow and add a tiny teddy. Use the picture as a guide to help with the placement.

Get one of your fruity chews. Place the lolly on its wrapper in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Take the softened lolly out of the microwave and roll into a ball. Then using a rolling pin roll it out flat as possible. Cut to desired size to use for your persons blanket.

Place the "blanket" on top of the cupcake as shown, and decorate it however you like.

Decorate the other cupcakes accordingly and use different coloured icing pens to make different coloured hair styles.

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