How to make an easy alfredo pizza

How to make an easy alfredo pizza


I prefer naan because it's so soft and delicious but you could also use pita or crescent rolls or something homemade.

Add some Alfredo sauce, any flavor is good whatever floats your boat.

Spread that out with a spoon

I'm lazy so I like the pre cooked and chopped up chicken but if you're more motivated than me you can buy chicken breast and cook it by hand.

Chop everything up. Any veggies work, I normally like broccoli and green peppers but you could use anything.

Spread that out.

Add your cheese, again any kind.

I use a toaster oven so no need to pre-heat, depending on your oven you may want to. 425 degrees. I bake for 8 minutes, this will vary a bit with your oven and the crust you're using.

Yum! Use a pizza cutter to slice and enjoy.

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