How to change a classical guitar string

How to change a classical guitar string

Let's learn how to replace a guitar string easily.

I don't like nor need the string tassel, so I cut it off.

Insert one of the ends of the string in the bridge hole. Leave an 'excess' of 1.5 inches from the bridge.

Tie a knot in the string. (See next step).

Tying a knot is easy!

Keep crossing the string over itself. Two more 'crossings' will be enough.

We are halfway! Now, insert the remaining end of the string in the top bridge.

The same 'excess' of 1.5 inches will be enough.

Cross the string over itself, pointing toward you.

Flip the string under itself. Thus, it will remain tied while we turn the tuning peg.

Turn the tuning peg, keeping an eye on the string, so it doesn't get untied.

See how the string itself is what keeps it tied?

A few more turns and that's it!

We are almost done! Finally, tune up the string and cut off the leftover.

... of both ends. And it's done!

Beautiful, isn't it?

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