How to make a diy magnet board or magnetic makeup palette

How to make a diy magnet board or magnetic makeup palette

Look for a scrap tin roof or white magnet board.

Using the thin gift wrappers , cover the entire board. Make sure that you tightly cover it to prevent the wrapper from moving that may cause your magnets to fall.

I'd like to change the skin of my board every now and then so instead of permanently fixing it with an adhesive, I'm using thumbtacks to pin the edges at the back of the board.

My DIY magnet board could also be used as a makeup holder, for eyeshadow compacts especially. My favourite dimensional cake liner from ELES is one of the many ELES shadows that I really love.

I cut a square magnet from my magnet strip and attached it with a quality double adhesive tape. You may use round magnets available in DIY/scrapbook supplies stores for slightly bigger items.

Now, I don't have to throw all my stuff in a makeup box and dig to the bottom when I'm trying to find specific shades. I just have to see my magnetic makeup

My magnetic whiteboard has string holders so I took that gorgeous lace from the Bath & Body gift box that I received and tied both ends on them. My makeup palette now hanging by my bedroom mirror.

Here's my weekend project! Ref magnet holder / magnetic makeup palette. :)So chic! I'm also planing to make one for photos.

Watch the video: DIY Giant Magnetic Palette!!!! HOLDS 154 Eyeshadows!!!! (January 2022).