How to cook spicy curry chicken salad

How to cook spicy curry chicken salad

Chop the stems off your cilantro bundle and rinse.

I like to use frozen peas and just rinse them in warm water. Also rinse your green onions.

Toss your chicken tenderloins in turmeric, sea salt, and cracked pepper then grill.

I use a lot of turmeric, at least 2 two table spoons. Use as much as you like-for your taste. Turmeric has many amazing health benefits. If you are not familiar, I encourage you to ask google.

Once your chicken is cooked- it will be nice and yellow. Avoid touching the chicken from here on out and as u chop the chicken. Unless u like Oompa Loompa hands :)

Chop your green onion.

Add onions, peas, and chicken to a mixing bowl.

Chop a third to a half of your cilantro bundle.

Mix in the cilantro.

Add in olive oil to taste.

Extra virgin olive oil- a healthy dose of fat! I suggest two table spoons as a minimum for this recipie.

Add sea salt to taste. I prefer a high quality sea salt with lots of minerals. Health benifits!

Add cayenne pepper to taste. I like a pretty spicy version of this recipie. - from here you can pack a great lunch or enjoy a fresh healthy meal.

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