How to make fresh kimchi (생김치)

How to make fresh kimchi (생김치)

Wash the napa cabbage and cut it in half. Drain well.

Sprinkle sea salt over the cabbage and let it absorb for 30 minutes or longer if you prefer saltier taste.

Add Korean apple, pear and onion into a blender. You can substitute Korean apple with Fuji or gala apple but must use Korean pear (round shape).

Pour in rice starch to the blender.

Add fish sauce

It should turn into a smoothie texture.

Add Korean chili powder. You can substitute with coarsely ground dried red chili if you can't get Korean chili powder.

Rinse the napa cabbage under running water and wipe excess water. Mix the paste with the napa cabbage.

You can add extra garnish during the mixing steps - spring onions, sesame seed, garlic etc. the longer you leave the kimchi, the taste becomes stronger. Enjoy !

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